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By Tim Hunt

Swalwell appointed to key Democrat committee role

Uploaded: Dec 15, 2016

Pleasanton’s Congressman Eric Swalwell demonstrates the adage that you become like the people you hang around.
During his first term he connected with San Francisco Democrat Nancy Pelosi. This month, Pelosi was re-elected as minority leader despite the shellacking the party has taken over the last few election cycles. On her watch and with President Obama in the White House, Democrats have gone from a super-majority in the Senate and a comfortable majority in the House of Representatives to the weakest representation in the Republican-dominated House and a minority in the Senate.
That said, Eric’s relationship with Pelosi continues to pay off for Swalwell who was named co-chair of the Democratic steering and policy committee. At 36, he is the youngest person to hold that job. That will stand him in good stead with his fellow Dems and the 15th District is so strongly Democrat that his only challenge will come from within the party.
The district isn’t a wildly progressive as northern Alameda County (think Bezerkly and Oakland) or San Francisco, but is solidly Dem.
Kaiser Permanente members in the Tri-Valley will have another facility in the summer of 2019 after the organization broke ground on its 58-acre site in Dublin this fall. It will total 220,000 square feet and provide both primary care and 24-hour urgent care.
The urgent care model is a new one for Kaiser designed to handle many cases that typically would have wound up in an emergency room. People with life-threatening situations will continue to go to an emergency room (most likely ValleyCare/Stanford’s in Pleasanton).
Once it’s open, then Tri-Valley residents can avoid travelling to Walnut Creek for care at night or on Sundays.
Zoning on the land allows for a hospital and well as other buildings. The groundbreaking continues Kaiser’s expansion in the valley that included the Livermore medical offices in 2003 and the San Ramon offices in 2013.


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