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By Roz Rogoff

Suspicious Stein, Watchdog Warren, and a Basket of Deplorables

Uploaded: Nov 26, 2016

The Presidential Election is over and Donald Trump has won. He's already started naming members of his Cabinet. Those of us who didn't want that outcome will have to accept it, including Green Party candidate, Dr. Jill Stein.

Dr. Stein raised enough money to finance a recount of votes in Wisconsin and potentially Michigan and Pennsylvania. It isn't completely clear what Dr. Stein hopes to gain. She might add a few miscounted votes to her total, but there's no chance that a recount would result in her winning. But if somehow the recount switched the Electoral Votes in those states from Trump to Clinton, all hell could break loose.

Anti-Trump voters have accepted, or at least are reconciled, to the reality that Donald Trump won the election. Any upsetting of that would be very upsetting to Mr. Trump's supporters and would make what should be a smooth transition into a potential Civil War. If the recount in Wisconsin doesn't result in any electoral flips, that should be the end of any last ditch efforts to ditch Donald Trump as President.

But while President Elect Trump is preparing to take over the Oval Office, his every move will be under the scrutiny of Elizabeth Warren. The Senator from Massachusetts has declared herself the "Trump Tracker." She will, "Track his every move," and report any of his actions that "fail Americans."

Trump made a lot of promises during his campaign. Even though Trump claimed not to be a Politician, like most politicians, he made many promises that politicians often fail to keep. But now we have eagle-eyed Elizabeth on the case Tracking Trump's every failure to deliver what he promised.

So barring any Electoral Vote flips, Civil Wars, or un-kept promises, President Elect Trump will now learn what outgoing President Obama had to put up with for eight years from all those "Deplorables" who dogged his two terms as President, including one of them named Donald Trump.