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By Tim Hunt

Elon Musk knows how to tap the government till

Uploaded: Jul 23, 2015

There is lots to like about entrepreneur Elon Musk and his various enterprises.
He has launched a successful car company, Tesla that has surpassed the Prius as the vehicle of choice for those wealthy enough to afford it.
His SpaceX program has demonstrated that private enterprise can launch satellites successfully and return the rocket for re-use.
His solar panel company, SolarCitiy Corp. is a leader in that industry.
He also has mastered the art or practice of tapping Uncle Sugar and his states for maximum contributions to his enterprises.
Earlier this year, the Los Angeles Times ran a long piece detailing how much government money has gone into his various companies. Neither Musk nor the executives of the three companies would comment to the Times for the record.
The story points out that Musk has garnered $4.9 billion in government incentives to build and install solar panels or to locate a massive battery plant near Reno, NV. The Nevada deal alone was $1.3 billion.
In Buffalo, the state is spending $750 million to build a factory for SolarCity that the firm will rent for $1 per year. The deal also includes no property tax for 10 years, saving another $260 million.
The solar panel company also received $497.5 million in direct grants from the federal government.
Tesla also has collected more than $517 million from competing auto companies buying environmental credits.
Musk is a talented engineer and businessman, who sure knows how to tie his companies into the troughs filled with taxpayer's funds.

What is being lost in the discussion about gay marriage and the explosion of out-of-wedlock births is a focus on the children.
Marriage between one man and one woman has been foundational for centuries because it is the best way to nurture and raise children. Both mom and dad have key roles.
As American society has evolved or deteriorated depending on your viewpoint, the focus has been on what the adults want, not what's best for the kids. Research shows that outcomes are best for children when they are raised in a stable home with a mom and a dad. Long-term marriages also follow demographics: the better educated the parents, the more likely the marriage will endure and children will have brighter futures.
Move down the demographic ladder and the chances of out-of-wedlock birth soar.