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By Tim Hunt

Radical changes in a lifetime

Uploaded: Jul 21, 2015

Rather amazing the world we live in today in the United States.
Gay marriage is the law of the land according to a majority of the Supreme Court?somehow the chief supreme finds no inconsistency between his strong stand for states' rights and the constitution in the marriage case and his inventing law to continue to uphold the travesty that is government-imposed Obamacare.
On that, I think the Rev. Franklin Graham had it right?government did not institute marriage between one man and one woman (that distinction is important because the floodgates are open for unique fresh interpretations of love wins)?God did, and the Supreme Court has no authority over his law.
As a Baby Boomer, I also am cognizant of the stunning social change that has taken place in my lifetime. We went from Ozzie and Harriet to Lizzie and Lizzie or Don and Dan as the sexual revolution took full effect on our society. Traditional values such as fidelity between a husband and a wife or waiting until the marriage day for sex switched to the hook-up culture of today that is trending younger and younger in our society. Check out the 12-year-olds sexting naked pictures to their "boyfriends"---ask the cops who know.
For more, consider that the sports page of the Bay Area Newsgroup recently contained a short item about Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson saying "God spoke to him about remaining abstinent."
He is an item with his girlfriend, Ciara, a musical artist. He told Rock Church that God "spoke to me" and he and his girlfriend had decided to abstain from sex.
That used to be the way of our country---how far we have slid.