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By Roz Rogoff

Crow Canyon Errands

Uploaded: Aug 9, 2013

Today I ran some errands on Crow Canyon Blvd. I don't like driving all the way up to Crow Canyon for just one stop, so I try to combine a bunch of things at the same time.

My accident happened when I was driving back from my Dentist, Dr. John Eberle on Crow Canyon Blvd. The association was a little traumatic, so I didn't go back for adjustments to my retainer for almost six months. I finally went back a few weeks ago and needed to go back again to keep my teeth straightening moving forward (literally).

After I left the Dentist I drove down Crow Canyon about a mile to the Police Station. I received a letter in July that my Guest Parking permits needed to be renewed.

Several years ago my neighborhood requested permit parking because the High School kids would park up and down my street and use the footbridge over South San Ramon Creek to get to Cal High. Sometimes they blocked driveways. Often they threw cigarette butts and even less desirable objects into the gutters in front of our houses.

Signs were put up restricting parking in front of our houses. Each homeowner was given two Guest Passes to give visitors who parked in front of their house. I didn't have much use for the guest permits, but if I had a handyman over or my electrician or plumber, and there wasn't room in my driveway or they had more than one vehicle, I would give them a guest permit to put on their dash.

The new guest permits are a pretty blue color and nicer looking than the old ones. I won't have to renew them again until August 1, 2015.

I left the Police Station and drove up Crow Canyon to Costco. I needed to return a child's asthma mask, which my vet prescribed by mistake. One of my cats, not Cinnamon, was diagnosed with asthma. Dr. Block prescribed an inhaler and a mask, but the child-sized mask is too big for my cat. So I had to order a special cat-sized mask on the internet.

Dr. Block called the prescription in to the Costco Pharmacy to save money, but it turned out to cost $100 more than she said it would AND I had to go all the way to Costco, which isn't even in San Ramon.

I don't like big box stores and Costco is HUGE. I was a member of Costco when I first moved to San Ramon but I haven't been in years. I didn't need to be a member to use the pharmacy.

The crowds were not too big when I went in to pick up the prescription, but it was very busy around 3 pm when I went in today. There was a big SUV behind me making it difficult to maneuver. I bumped into a curb when I turned to go into a parking space and I had to back up to be able to make the turn. The SUV behind me didn't budge.

I already blew out one of the brand new tires on my brand new car by hitting a curb when turning into the Bishop Ranch vet a few weeks ago, and I didn't want to wreck another one. At least I made it through the Costco parking lot with my tires intact. The tires on my old Focus could handle more punishment than these new ones.

Nobody gives you any breathing room in that parking lot. Another SUV blocked me from getting out. SUV's are like elephants only elephants are smarter and nicer. When I got to the exit, cars were whizzing up Fostoria, making it hard to drive across to get to Crow Canyon.

When I moved to San Ramon 16 years ago I heard the story about how residents didn't want the Costco in San Ramon because it would create too much traffic. So instead Costco built this mega store in Danville, which gets all the sales tax income while San Ramon gets all the traffic.

My next stop was the Post Office to mail some letters. That was the easiest. Easy getting in, easy getting out, and easy getting home. I'm still a little hesitant crossing the intersection of Bollinger and Alcosta, but this time I looked to my left to make sure nothing was coming at me.

I am writing this late Friday night, not because I had all of those errands to do, but because I haven't been up to writing my blogs this week. I didn't post a Friday blog last week and I get very tired in the afternoons. I plan to visit the Glass House tomorrow morning, and I'll try to write something about it for next week.