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By Sierra Rhodes

Your not safe, not even in you're own home

Uploaded: Jul 18, 2013

Because were watching u.

I sincerely hope that the above title and sentence bothered you. This is not meant as an offense to the casual readers of my little, humorous ramblings. No, it is meant only as a prayer that you are paying attention, and that the English teachers of America are still teaching something in their classrooms.

So that nobody's sensibilities are injured:

You're not safe, not even in your own home.

Because we're watching you.

I have a reputation of being somewhat particular about the English language and its proper use. I have more than once been called the Grammar Police -- and frequently far less friendly terms -- because of my obsessive need to correctly form a sentence.

Someone recently came up with a brilliant idea -- one that I think our dear Congress should seriously consider turning into law.

Behold! This is the test that would allow or deny you access to the internet. I suspect that after requiring this test that approximately 200 people would be allowed on the glorious world wide web. The sad part about this is that I am not joking.

On the bright side, none of my favorite sites would be overloaded ever again. Look out Netflix, here I come!