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By Roz Rogoff

Tennessee on the Farm

Uploaded: Jun 22, 2012

Forest Home Farm will be the site of three short one-act plays by Tennessee Williams this weekend. This is a fundraiser for the San Ramon Historic Foundation and the Danville Role Players which is the theater group putting on the show.

Donna Kerger, who is on the Historic Foundation, gave me an invitation to mail in. It had two dates, June 23 at 5 pm and June 24 at 2 pm, but no number of seats or locations or names of the plays or anything else. I emailed the Role Players for the names of the plays and more information.

"Hi Rosalind

The plays are The Pretty Trap, 27 Wagons Full of Cotton and The Case of the Crushed Petunias.

Look forward to seeing you 'on the farm'
Wendy Cooper"

So now I knew which plays, but I was still confused about reserving seats or the odd start times. I wanted to ask my sister and her husband in San Francisco if they want to come out on Sunday afternoon for the 2 pm show. My sister said they had to get back by 5 pm. They have an active social life in SF. So I contacted Wendy again for more information. I also found the Danville Theatre website with a front-page invitation to the show.

"Hi Roz

We still have plenty of Sunday afternoon tickets. Unfortunately it is going to be a longish event since we are serving food in between the plays – they could probably take part in two of the receptions and one play - the second play would probably finish about 4:30 or so and everything around 6 pm. It would be easy to leave at any time since it is a casual event.

Could you all make Saturday night instead? If by any chance this will work somehow, we do not have credit cards or PayPal. You would need to send a check to Role Players Tennessee on the Farm, Box 304 Danville, 94526. $50 per ticket, with the date you have chosen and the names of your party. We are not sending tickets but will have name tags for you at the door.


I emailed my sister that the show isn't a sit-down but would be acted out in different parts of the farm. They are very familiar with Forest Home Farm because my brother-in-law likes to come out for the annual Sheep Shearing day. He's a big fan of the Border Collies.

My sister wanted to come but my brother-in-law was hit by a car almost a year ago. He was in a crosswalk in San Francisco and knocked down and hurt his hand breaking his fall. It didn't seem too serious at the time. He and my sister came out for my birthday last October and he seemed to be recovering well.

He was scheduled for hand surgery a week or two later and improved after the surgery, but now my sister said he's having trouble balancing and is using a cane to get around.

She felt he wouldn't be able to walk around the farm to see the plays while standing and eating in between. I offered to lend him my walker, which I haven't needed since I bought a new mattress, but she said it would be too uncomfortable for him even with a walker.

So I contacted Wendy again and decided to go to the Saturday night show instead. I mailed my order last Friday. Wendy confirmed receiving my check for $50 last Saturday. So I'm going tomorrow evening.

I offered to promote the show, so that's why I'm writing about it in this Friday's blog but it might be too late to reserve tickets, especially since the Role Players don't take credit cards or PayPal. If you are interested in attending Saturday night or Sunday afternoon, email the Danville Role Players at mail@Danvilletheatre.com or phone (925) 820-1278. I hope to see you all there!