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By Roz Rogoff

Closing in on the 2011 Election

Uploaded: Jul 28, 2011

I spoke to City Clerk Pat Edwards on Wednesday to find out who picked up papers to run for Mayor or City Council. The papers are the same, so she couldn't say whether the potential candidate would file for Mayor or City Council, except for Abram Wilson who has termed out as Mayor.

He picked up papers but hasn't filed them yet. There has been speculation that he would run for Carol Rowley's open City Council seat.

Phil O'Loane picked up papers too. He told his supporters he is running for City Council, but hasn't filed the papers yet.

If Carol doesn't file for her open seat, and she says she is running for Mayor and not City Council, that means the period for filing for City Council would be extended from August 12th until August 17th.

Edwards told me that Dominique Yancey picked up papers too, which caught me by surprise. Dominique and I were in the Leadership San Ramon Valley class of 2004-05. I have the highest respect for Dominique. She's bright, beautiful, and capable.

She's like the lead in a TV crime drama. "Assistant DA Yancey" has been a Contra Costa County District Attorney for many years. I remember she was prosecuting drug cases when we were in the Leadership class and was promoted (if that's the right word) to Homicide.

Dominique is Vice-Chair of the Parks and Community Services Commission this year and was Chairperson in 2007. I'm not sure when she was first appointed, but I found an old email from 2006 from Scott Perkins suggesting I apply for openings on the Parks or Planning Commissions. I replied that Dominique should be reappointed.

Dominique would be an excellent City Council Member. She phoned me on Wednesday and said she took out the papers to learn more about what is involved and isn't planning to run yet. But she said I would be the first person she contacts when she is ready.

I'm disappointed that Dominique isn't planning to run this year, but her interest in learning about running for office shows she does her homework. I told her, "You paid your dues," by serving on the Parks and Community Services Commission.

Phil O'Loane has also paid his dues, by serving on the Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC) and on the Planning Commission. I believe that Phil would make a good Councilmember, but he carries baggage from his past support of the North Camino Ramon Specific Plan and changes to the Urban Growth Boundaries on both sides of the city. He changed his views on moving the UGB to Tassajara Valley, but he was still supporting the other elements of the 2030 General Plan until converted by political promises from the No on Measure W campaign supporters.

Mayor Wilson may or may not run for City Council, but if Phil O'Loane and Scott Perkins are the only two candidates for the two open seats, there wouldn't even be an election, which could save San Ramon a lot of money and some potentially nasty attack ads flying back and forth. Personally I prefer that result if Dominique doesn't run.

Wilson should set his sights on running for larger office in 2012. I suggested to Abram that he run for County Supervisor if Map 17D is retained by the Sups on August 9th, because he wouldn't have to oppose his friend, Mary Piepho. He seemed to like the idea.

I even sent Piepho an email asking her to support 17D for the good of San Ramon. So we'll see just how much "insider" influence I have over either one of them in the next few weeks.