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By Roz Rogoff

Farmers in Bishop Ranch?

Uploaded: May 8, 2011

Yes, the new Farmer's Market opened in Bishop Ranch 2 on Saturday. This is quite a change from the Farmer's Market at Forest Home Farms. I went at about 12:30, or towards the end of the first day. I recognized Brian Wort and his honey stand near the north end parking. There's another honey vendor there too. Honey is a perfect food and an antiseptic that should be in everyone's emergency kit and probably in your pantry too. So if you go you should pick up a couple of jars of honey.

Specialty foods like cheese and eggs and flavored butters are back. I looked for familiar vendors from last year, but I didn't find all of the ones I was used to buying from. The blueberry ladies weren't there. I looked for the stand that sold green and yellow beans and heirloom tomatoes and didn't find it. Now they might have been there, but since the booths were rearranged, I might not have seen them.

I liked the rustic feeling of the old Farmer's Market, but there wasn't enough parking and the attendance fell off after the first few weeks. There are more vendors at this new location and more variety. It's more centrally located, so I hope it catches on.

Our Safe-Cat booth isn't there now. Safe-Cat did well at the farm. Donations were good and adoptions were regular. We had a nice location under a big tree next to the sheep barn, but it could get very windy where we were and it was muddy when it rained. We wouldn't have those problems in Bishop Ranch.

I contacted Market Manager, Harve Singh, about finding a spot for Safe-Cat away from the food booths, but he said he didn't have any space. I hope some space frees up in June when kitten season starts, but I'm not sure if our President, Elise Stewart, even wants to put our Safe-Cat booth in the parking lot.

I plan to go back again next week and spend a little more time. I need to get my diet back under control, and this was a good opportunity to buy plenty of fresh and nutritious fruits and veggies.