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By Roz Rogoff

Taking the High Road

Uploaded: Oct 27, 2009

I'm surprised by the level of civility in the San Ramon City Council election this year. The last time Hudson and Livingstone ran for City Council they trounced their opponent with negative flyers and a mass mailing from the Citizens for San Ramon implying that Ellen Rosenbluth would be a clone of the unlamented "Gang of Three." The letter was signed by two former Mayors and was full of guilt by association, because Ellen's campaign manager had also worked on Jerry Cambra's campaign.

I expected Hudson and Livingstone to come out swinging against their two opponents, but instead they have taken the high road. Their fliers list the many accomplishments of the City Council over the last four years with nary a mention of their opponents at all. That seems to be a very good tactic this time. The Council has accomplished many good things and by ignoring the opponents, Hudson and Livingstone are implying that they are not even worth consideration.

The challengers are also stressing what they can bring to the Council and not throwing much mud at the incumbents. Burr has been critical of the Council's handling of the speed limits in Dougherty Valley and keeping the budget breakdown too much under wraps. Brady has been critical of the City Center plans and the need to support green building in the community, but these are issue-oriented and not personal attacks.

OMG what has happened to politics in San Ramon when everyone is being so nice!