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Newsom recall polls now are within the margin of error

Uploaded: Aug 3, 2021
California Democrat party leaders thought they were enhancing Gov. Gavin Newsom’s chances to beat the recall when they passed special legislation and then set the recall election for Sept. 14—the earliest date it could be held.
It just may backfire on them.
And, of course, it demonstrated the hypocrisy that is so rampant in politics. The legislation reversed a bill they’d passed a few years ago that extended the timing of recall elections to help a fellow Democrat legislator beat a recall election. He failed, although the later won that seat back.
The early September date tightened the window for Republican and independent challengers to gather signatures and other information for the ballot. The ballot will contain two measures:
1. Whether Newsom should be recalled.
2. And, in the event he is recalled, who should replace him. That will be the top vote-getter, no 50% requirement.
The latest polling shows that the recall question is now within the margin of error and Newsom’s favorability rating has been steadily falling. Of even more interest is that well over half of the respondents would not vote for Newsom for re-election should he survive the recall and be on the 2022 ballot. Throw in the enthusiasm that Republican voters have to participate while the Democrats are facing a major challenge to crank up their base despite the 2-1 registration advantage. Thus the ads that are currently running featuring progressive favorite Sen. Elizabeth Warren.
Add in a variety of other factors and it’s a challenging time for the governor, particularly since he’s been trotting around the state throwing taxpayer money at every interest group. The influx of federal money and the state’s economic performance resulted in about $100 billion to spend. That largess certainly hasn’t helped his polling numbers.
The current outbreak of the Covid-19 Delta variant and health orders to wear masks indoors whether vaccinated or not will not help. That’s a 180-degree reversal from what the president said a couple of months ago and not one easily explained to questioning voters.
School opens in Pleasanton Aug. 11 with masks required for all students and staff. There’s certainly a win when school reopens in-person, but it will still be different.
And then there’s the wildfire situation. The September date presumably misses the worse of California’s wildlife season that typically is in October or November before the rains start. The raging fires in the Sierra Nevada resulted in lousy air quality in the Lake Tahoe basin, a reminder of what the lightening-caused fires had cause in 2020.
And then there’s the possibility of rolling electrical blackouts should demand soar beyond capacity and the world’s 5th largest economy (pre-covid) would function like a Third World country. That’s because Newsom and other progressive leaders have pushed for alternative energy regardless of costs and practicality. So when the sun goes down, there go the solar panels just as people are cooking and doing other activities at home.
The state Public Utilities Commission’s failure to ensure that Pacific Gas and Electric updated and improved its aging infrastructure also is part of the picture that will fall at Newsom’s feet.
He has gobs of cash (about $35 million) because there are no limits on contributions in recall elections.
It promises to be an interesting next five weeks until the election, although vote-by-mail ballots will go out this month.

What is it worth to you?


Posted by Jennifer, a resident of Danville,
on Aug 3, 2021 at 12:10 pm

Jennifer is a registered user.

Recall Newsom! Whether you're center, right or left he's earned his recall. And it's time for the voters to decide. He has what it takes to get elected, but lacks the competence and intellect to get the job done effectively. He needs to go, and he's proven it over and over again. It's a tight race.

Posted by Lahommed, a resident of Dublin,
on Aug 3, 2021 at 12:28 pm

Lahommed is a registered user.

Yes Recall Newsom.....Vote for Elder he has a plan that will work for California not a horse and pony show like Newsom has because he is a fixture on Nancy Pelosi's shoulder...also while we are at it time to remove Eric Swalwell the most corrupt Congressman in America!

Posted by Sean, a resident of Birdland,
on Aug 3, 2021 at 1:01 pm

Sean is a registered user.

Great update by Tim Hunt.

Posted by D, a resident of Danville,
on Aug 4, 2021 at 7:03 am

D is a registered user.

It is interesting that Newsom had to get Elizabeth Warren for his commercials, suggesting that Democrats in his own state are leery about having their name associated with his during this recall. Those Elizabeth Warren ads are so insulting to actual Californians, suggesting that only Trump supporters are behind the recall. There are very few Trump supporters in this state, and certainly not enough to get enough votes to qualify for the recall.

The reality is that Independents and Democrats have had enough of Newsom and his adultery with his best friend's wife, his shutdown of our economy that lasted long after it was medically necessary, his huge tax increases that only benefit his few special interest groups, his soft on crime policies that have spiked our crime rates, and his hypocritical policies in shutting down our schools and restaurants while he dined with political lobbyist at the French Laundry restaurant, while his kids were able to attend their expensive private school.

Sorry Elizabeth Warren, but actual Californians have had enough of Newsom, who if not recalled, will immediately shut our state down once again after the election. Our small businesses and restaurants can not take anymore chances with this hypocrite. "Anyone but Newsom" should be our state slogan.

Posted by kayster, a resident of Danville,
on Aug 4, 2021 at 9:01 am

kayster is a registered user.

It's interesting to note that our water levels and the severity of the drought this year are nearly the worst they have ever been. Three years ago when were were in the drought, you'd see dead lawns and dry fountains everywhere. Not so this year. For as bad as the drought is, all public fountains seem to be operating as well as the lawns looking pretty damn green for our water conditions.

Why? Newsom is playing politics with the water supply. Rather than calling for draconian water restrictions, which we really do need, he doesn't want one more "negative" in our lives. Especially when he is faced with the recall election. Once the election is over, the water hammer will fall swiftly. Guaranteed.

Newsom needs to go and go now.

Posted by Diane, a resident of Pleasanton Valley,
on Aug 6, 2021 at 1:56 pm

Diane is a registered user.

Tim: Great of you to acknowledge that the recall has forced the Governor to ignore the truly threatening water situation. I've read that in 1778 the founding fathers were concerned that "factions", ie. political patties, might render our democracy feckless. Bob Beebe - ex Water manager.

Posted by Malcolm Hex, a resident of San Ramon,
on Aug 7, 2021 at 10:07 am

Malcolm Hex is a registered user.

This is a little gem from the Associated Press back in March 2021.

Newsom: “That's those things you can never get back. And, you know, I owned up to that. And no one hid from that. And that was a mistake. Crystal clear," he told KQED.

And now, the analysis...

Newsom said “That's those things you can never get back." What things? He's attempting to evade from the description of what he's done wrong. It's like saying you apologize, but not saying what you actually apologize for.

Newsom said he “and you know, I owned up to that" (caught having dinner without face mask). Newsom didn't own up to anything, he got caught. And once again, he's not being descriptive about his actions. He's using the word “that" in place of what he actually did.

Newsom said “no one hid from that." Who is “no one?" Newsom is attempting to take himself out of the problem and replace it with something else or someone else. And here again, Newsom is using the word “that" to replace or deflect from what he actually did.

Newsom said “and that was a mistake." For the third time, he uses the word “that." He also avoids to verbally clarify his “mistake." Newsom isn't facing the truth, he's running from it.

Newsom ended his defense by saying, “crystal clear." Newsom is attempting to affirm what he said in hope that people will believe him, despite not going into detail about his actions.

One thing for sure, Newsom is angry, not sincere. He's angry not because he got got, he's angry because he doesn't want to explain himself.

Posted by Malcolm+Hex, a resident of San Ramon,
on Aug 8, 2021 at 10:01 am

Malcolm+Hex is a registered user.

The only person helping to facilitate death is your president's lack of action on our southern border. Care to comment on that, Mr. Castlewood? Your President is the disaster in chief. Moving on...

I'll take Governor DeSantis over President Mumbles and Fumbles any day. And to think I thought Jimmy Carter was bad! At least Carter served as a distinguished Officer in the United States Navy. What has Sleepy Joe accomplished? Absolutely nothing.

BTW, let's see do some comparison shopping, shall we? Biden, who graduated from the law school in 1968, was 76th in a class of 85. He also plagiarized a law review article and then attempted cover his tracks.

Governor DeSantis worked his way through Yale University, where he captagraduated magna cum laude. He also gradated with honors from Harvard Law School. While at Harvard, he earned a commission in the U.S. Navy as a JAG Officer. During his active duty service, then- Lieutenant DeSantis deployed to Iraq as an advisor to a U.S. Navy SEAL Commander in support of the SEAL mission in Iraq. His military decorations include the Iraq Campaign Medal of the Bronze Star Medal (meritorious service).

I'll take Governor DeSantis over Clueless Joe anyday.


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