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Hall of Fame

In several categories, a business is listed as a Hall of Fame winner and cannot be voted for. Businesses that have won the category five or more consecutive years receive the Hall of Fame award and do not compete for two years after Hall of Fame status has been established.

Write-in Voting

If your favorite is not on the ballot, please write in your choice. After enough write-ins, the business will be added to the list.

Chain Stores

The contest is intended to celebrate outstanding local and independent businesses, and therefore retail chain stores or franchise operations are not eligible and are not listed on the ballot in the retail categories. We're sorry if this means your favorite is missing.

Business Owners

If your business is not found under a category which you believe it should be listed in, please email a request to

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Food & Drink


Hall of Fame Winner: Richard's Heating & Air (Not eligible for votes this year)

Hall of Fame Winner: Pleasanton Tutoring (Not eligible for votes this year)



Hall of Fame Winner: Western Garden Nursery (Not eligible for votes this year)

Arts & Entertainment

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