Town Square

Guy with French flag

Original post made by Paulette, Val Vista, on Apr 8, 2007

I want to thank the Pleasanton Weekly for explaining to citizens why this guy was out there with that gigantic French flag, wearing a Foreign Legionnaire's hat. I am a liberal, sort of. However, I didn't recognize a fellow "liberal" as I saw this guy practically lifting off from the wind as I sat at the stoplight. He kept hopping back and forth, trying to keep the flag steady, because the wind was blowing so hard. I thought, "What on earth would someone be doing out there, going through such agony and have no one knowing why the heck he was out there!"
So, now we have "liberal guy." Okay. Is this the same guy who use to have a big American flag and wore a straw hat, jeans, or bermuda shorts and a plaid shirt? Under that foreign legion hat, it was hard to tell.
Whatever happened to "nature guy?" The bald, suntanned, elderly man who rode around town on a bicycle without any shirt on. I've seen a guy who reminds me of "nature guy" who is always doing front yard work in "Spanishtown." But, I haven't seen "nature guy" lately.
I hope "liberal guy" will actually have a liberal message next time he goes out on the corner. That would be nice. We could use some liberal messages. We're beginning to resemble an ordinary "valley town," rather than a cosmopolitan community within the SF Bay Area. And, I find that deeply depressing. So, "Liberal guy," give us a liberal message next time. Okay?


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