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Escape "Through the Eyes of an Artist"

Original post made by Claudette McDermott, Del Prado, on Feb 13, 2009

While all the insanity of economic shock spins around us, there is a plan of escape that we can all take and it's right in our own backyard. Stroll into your local Art Galleries some of which are right on Main Street. Worthington Gallery has an excellent source of Fine Art from various parts of the world that you don't see in other galleries downtown. Textile Art, Paintings, Etchings and jewelry are some items featured. A few steps away from Worthington's and under the Pleasanton Arch is Alexander's Gallery with atmosphere to warm you and Fine Art paintings, Kiln formed Art Glass, jewelry and Creative displays to greet you. On the other end of Main Street near Tully's coffee shop is Studio 7, a museum style gallery space with lots of light and a wide range of Fine Art in Paintings, sculpture, jewelry and more. Our town is full of local talent that show periodically in these galleries but mainly show through circuits, shows, events and Wine Tasting rooms. Tesla Vineyards is now showing work by local artist Karen Fleschler who has a way with watercolor. Her richness in depth of color is enchanting and worth a look. Deer Ridge Vineyards have "Artists at Work" a series of artists in action along with wine tasting, so go to their website to see Artful events. Take a class and experience a "Fearless Creating Workshop" by local artist Tricia Leonard to get out the kinks and express yourself Other events are listed on my website Web Link *Sometimes we just need to step back, take a deep breath and Escape through the Eyes of an Artist even if it's just for the afternoon and it's here in Your Town on Main Street.


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