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Pleasanton financier added to lawsuit claiming his company cheated clients

Original post made on Apr 4, 2013

William Hogarty, 49, the owner of a now-defunct Pleasanton firm that allegedly bilked homeowners out of tens of thousands of dollars has had his name added to the lawsuit against the firm.

Read the full story here Web Link posted Thursday, April 4, 2013, 9:33 AM

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Posted by anon
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Apr 4, 2013 at 11:27 am

I do not and will not ever believe a word that comes out of this man's mouth. How does one forget to list all those assets in his bankruptcy filing? He blames everyone else. Obviously the bankruptcy attorney knows the difference between gross and net income. I seriously doubt his IRS audit went as smoothly as he said.

He is finally getting what he deserves.

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Posted by PM
a resident of Downtown
on Apr 4, 2013 at 11:51 am

Classic Bill Hogarty responses. Now he claims it's a DOJ trial attorney's fault, Maggie McGhee, that he committed bankruptcy fraud and that hundreds of thousands of dollars of tax payer money was wasted because the DOJ had to investigate to prove he was committing bankruptcy fraud. Oh wait, this all happened and all this work was done because Ms. McGhee has a "vendetta" against him. Huh, seems to me that Mr. Hogarty stipulated/agreed to have his bankruptcy case denied within a week before the DOJ was to take him to trial on the 20+ count complaint filed against him. Not WITHDRAWN, but DENIED. So now he admits bankruptcy fraud, but is trying to play the victim and personal vendetta card again. He's a really important man to have the DOJ and their highly paid trial attorneys pursue these types of cases against him to satisfy a personal vendetta. I wonder if Maggie McGhee is also mentally ill and that this is the reason she went after him. I'm having flashbacks to when he claimed he was a victim of the Department of Real Estate when they too spent thousands investigating his fraud and sought to revoke his license. He of course surrendered it right before it was to be revoked once again agreeing that the charges/complaint filed against him were correct.

Poor Bill. I mean c'mon, with so many people having vendettas against him for no reason and since he has mentally ill people after him maybe we should cut him some slack and let him steal, commit federal perjury and bankruptcy fraud (lying about more than a dozen bank accounts, interest in real property, equity positions in other companies............), steal trust funds, illegally accept advance fees, stiff employees, occasionally attempt to murder a person or two and some of these other indiscretions because of how hard it must be to be such a victim of so many people. If you think about it, Bill is kind of like Jesus, you know, just in case he hasn't told you. Everyone is out to get him and he is an absolutely saint.

For the records, he actually took in millions on his mortgage relief scam, not tens of thousands. There are several hundred victims, not dozens. He absolutely positively did not pay back all the money he was legally bound to put in a trust account and stole (findings by the Department of Real Estate which caused him to surrender his license when the DRE sought to outright revoke it) and in fact the Department of Real Estate found the trust account was empty with a long history of massive amounts of business/trust funds being transferred to he and his Wife's personal bank account. This would be the very reason the IRS was brought into the investigation because it resulted in he and his wife having millions in income and they had all the bank statements to prove it. This occurred a few years after he stole all the funds out of his employees' 401K plan that they had contributed out of their hard earned compensation only to have him steal it all leaving them with nothing. Huh, I wonder if he reported all the money his stole from his employees then as income? Perhaps someone needs to call the IRS and suggest this be investigated too. I'm sure they also have a personal vendetta against him and will pursue it.

One other tidbit that might be of interest, Bill Hogarty was the BROKER of OF Lending. He is claiming that all these people that were scammed by his company weren't his customers and they were the customers of his agents. Well guess what.......real estate law is very specific that every client belongs to the BROKER and not the agent. Agents handle and work with clients on behalf of the BROKER, and the BROKER is the one to properly manage all agent and client activity. Every single one of these clients was HIS, period. He knows this, but is just playing the victim/Jesus card claiming otherwise.

I wonder what new scam he's up to now? He managed to convince hundreds of people to join ACN because it was the greatest thing since sliced bread and they were all going to make millions. Oh but then he realized he couldn't get rich quick on the back of all these poor folks he signed up and had pay fees so he dumped the ACN gig and is now trying to dupe the same people into his newest MLM scam. I know he said ACN was God's greatest gift and that you should trust him and spend money to join so he can get a cut, but really, this time for sure it's the case and you will make millions if you join him even if you joined ACN being told the same.

Can this man really fall any further? Oh, and why isn't this man in jail?

Keep up the reporting on this one PW. We don't need this sort of human debris in our community and hopefully with his misdeeds being reported on, our friends and neighbors will decline to do any business with him and he'll ultimately leave. I hear housing is plentiful in Detroit. He is also involved in the operation of some used car venture called "Hogarty Auto Sales" so just be mindful of his history should you consider buying a car from them.

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Posted by Bob
a resident of Livermore
on Apr 4, 2013 at 12:14 pm

[Post removed due to excessive and/or repetitive post by same poster using different names to make it appear more people agree with him or her]

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Posted by Me
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Apr 4, 2013 at 12:30 pm

[Post removed due to excessive and/or repetitive post by same poster using different names to make it appear more people agree with him or her]

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Posted by Micky
a resident of Foothill Place
on Apr 4, 2013 at 1:02 pm

[Post removed due to excessive and/or repetitive post by same poster using different names to make it appear more people agree with him or her]

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Posted by PM
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Apr 4, 2013 at 1:08 pm

[Post removed due to excessive and/or repetitive post by same poster using different names to make it appear more people agree with him or her]

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Posted by william hogarty
a resident of Laguna Oaks
on Apr 5, 2013 at 5:22 am

william hogarty is a registered user.

I am a bit reluctant to comment yet for years I have sat back and watched people attacke me, many who never met with me take stabs at me and most did it annomiously. I am far from perfect or a saint. Yet I am a very hard worker and driven, more than most. I have many faults and first to admit them. I guess someone who never met me wouldnt know I am the first to admit my faults. The internet has been a place to judge and attack people Not sure what people get out of it yet so be it. I feel Glenn did a fair job at both sides of the story, thank you. I am happy to discuss with ANYONE the facts behind what I have done and support with documentation. I worked for 22 years with a perfect reputation and over 100,000 happy clients I worked hard for that. When the mortgage market colapsed, it was survival without a rule book. I have been accused at taking 401k money, We paid EVERY dollar back. There was a group of 20 or so people that met weekly in an attempt to get back at me, and yes NOT one was my client and YES I was responcible for the agents whom clients they were. I have paid dearly. This group contacted the IRS, DOJ, DA and DRE. The IRS for instance, they alleged I stole trust funds and didnt pay taxes. I went through a 1.5 years audit (probably cost 150k of tax payer money, where is the accountability for the fault accusations) and found to have paid all my taxes and no tax liability. Yet on the internet whatever one is accused of, they appear to be guilty.

I am a VERY lucky guy. I have an amazing wife, amazing X wife, children, brother, parents and in laws. Yes this has been very trying and saddening to see the horrible things written yet in the end I have to focus on what I can change. I realized worrying about what people I dont know think will just waste alot of energy so I focus on my family. Again far from perfect yet progress

I paid 440k back, have the canceled checks

Have 100 approvals out of 400 filesm hardly a scam (went on national TV "we are having a hard time with approvals with 2 largest banks and a contract that was clear that no guarantee")

This was over four years ago, and I peacefully ask that we all move on. Yes I have paid dearly, yet in the end I tried to help people and it didnt work out, yet I did not cause the collapse of the real estate market.

I went in new nothing direction with my career as real estate used to be fun, yet it wasnt any more. I love what I do now and have always believed that one shoud love what they do I still have friends in real estate and 90% hate it.

So please understand their are two sides to every story and I am ALWAYS willing to support my side with facts I am sure my responce here will result in some attack and it was a risk going to the press yet I couldnt stand back and watch the rumors fly around any more (sad how many consequences come with rumors) The DOJ accused me of horrible things, not true, yet I didnt have the money to fight any more. Attorney's are exspensive. The DOJ did deny anything, I choise to stop fighting The world is a very challenging place (all 7 of my friends got divorces with fianancial pressure) and I hope we can move on and focus on the future

I wish you all a great day!

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Posted by Anonymous Livermore
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Apr 5, 2013 at 12:39 pm

Anonymous Livermore is a registered user.


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Posted by Anonymous Livermore
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Apr 5, 2013 at 1:21 pm

Anonymous Livermore is a registered user.

I am one of so many hurt and displaced by this man. He seeks to "move on" and wants everyone else to because it suits him now that we can all go after him since he can't hide behind his fraudulent bankruptcy filing anymore. We will be going after him and we encourage others to do the same. We've all had our hands tied by his false bankruptcy claim for a few years and I'm thankful the DOJ saw through this and didn't let him get away with it. I agree that his agreeing to have it declined is in fact him admitting to the DOJ charges. After lying about his assets and income to avoid paying back all of us he defrauded, now he wants us all to just "move on".

He is admitting to stealing his employee's 401K funds somehow suggesting it was okay because he he claims to have paid them back. Does this mean we can now all rob banks as long as we pay them back?

I'm baffled by his comment that with the collapse of the market which he apparently blames for his theft and fraud that it was "survival without a rule book". Huh? There was definitely a rule book that he chose to ignore which is why he now doesn't have a license and can't legally operate in the real estate world. It's a very narcissistic way of thinking to first blame and industry for illegal acts and then to claim there were no rules when there most definitely was. It was him breaking them that caused him to get reported to the DRE and other agencies and why they took action. By some reporting him, which he is attempting to suggest makes him a victim, saved lord knows how many more families grief had he still maintained his licenses. The DOJ ruling is no different. If all the agencies he was reported to found the complaints unfounded, they wouldn't have gone after him. It was no vendetta, it was the proper authorities doing the proper things to protect consumers. He is no victim.

90% of all realtors do not hate their jobs. Most reputable realtors wouldn't entertain any conversation or dealings with Bill for him to even know. Most realtors love their job and play by the rule book that Hogarty claims doesn't exist and enjoy making their clients' homeownership dreams come true. Many mortgage brokers whethered the storm by adapting, downsizing and PLAYING BY THE RULES, even if choosing not to like Hogarty did would have been easier. Hogarty is an embarassment to real estate community having been a part of it at one point and then having been run out of it with disgrace. He's not one of them anymore so has absolutely no idea what they think. He'd be considered a joke among the community if what Mr. Hogarty has done to so many people had not been so painful and severe. He's a black mark on an idsutry full of committed professionals who don't operate outside the law as he chose to.

I really don't care about his fantasies of the perfect family. The fact remains that he cheated on his ex wife with his current wife among others then got his current wife pregnant, threw her out of the family home while inviting another woman into his marital bed and then tried to kill a friend of his wife when he was trying to help her get her marriage on track since she was expecting his child. He's an embaressment to his kids and causes problem on the rare occassion he makes an appearance and their school or sporting events. No other family wants to be around this dangerous man or want their kids around his because they fear for the safety of their own children. His in laws got personally sued because of yet another shady deal of his and he is now ruining his father's good name. If this is how he treats those he feels are amazing and that he's lucky to have, it's no wonder he treats others as he has.

He now claims a 25% success rate on his modification scam, but before he claimed it to be much higher. When people singed up it was 8 of ten that were successful and now it's 1 of 4. I don't believe this number either having talked to a former employee. When you tell a customer you are successful 80% of the time to get them to pay you in excess of $10,000 when you now admit the success rate to be at best 25% (which is probably another lie), this is a scam and amounts to him defrauding hundres of people out of millions that the DOJ found he funneled to his own personal bank accounts. He most definitely did not pay back all the money he was supposed to have in trust and some of the refunds he paid were his bounced checks.

I hope Mr. Hogarty will consider expressing some remorse and apologize instead of continually lying and making himself out to be a victim. I hope he will also stop using his children as props to make himself look like a family man and to try to catch himself a break or make it so people he defrauded won't go after him when they are better served just being left out of all of this. If he loves them, he'll protect them instead of using them. If he can't treat his own children with enough respect to stop using them as props, then I see no hope that he'll ever accept what he's done instead of still pretending to be a victim.

P.S.: His narcissism is showing itself again with his assertion that there was some kind of weekly meeting held to discuss him. While some of us did exchange emails trading information from time to time, certainly none of us think enough of Hogarty to have special meetings about him or to plot turning him into the victim he now claims to be. It was nice that we were able to meet others in the same position and that we have been able to share information with the goal of all of us getting at least something back instead of just one getting everything. It restored my faith in humanity knowing that others who were suffering were still willing to help even if it meant they'd likely receive less. This is what integrity looks like.

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Posted by Anonymous Livermore
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Apr 5, 2013 at 1:25 pm

Anonymous Livermore is a registered user.

I forgot to add one thing to my post:

You damn right I'm going to post anonymously. This man was charged with attempted murder and is still out on bail with felony assault charges pending. I'm not willing to have someone so unstable and violent around my family and will handle this through the proper channels just as I have from day one.

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Posted by olfthfl
a resident of Pleasanton Meadows
on Apr 5, 2013 at 5:15 pm

olfthfl is a registered user.

And if you believe anything Hogarty says I've got this fancy bridge . . . . . .

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