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Opinion - October 29, 2010


Laursen perfect choice

Dear Editor,

It is my honor to support Joan Laursen for School Board. I served with her on Walnut Grove's PTA when she was president. She did an amazing job. Joan has incredible facilitation skills and considers every side of an issue before expressing her opinion. She's an active listener and is honest in her feedback, which is rare among leaders. Joan has worked very hard on behalf of our schools for many years, which makes her the perfect choice for the PUSD School Board. She really understands school governance, budgetary constraints and educational policy. Please join me in voting for Joan Laursen for School Board.

Yvette Miles

Shocking story

Dear Editor,

I urge your readership to see the documentary "The Tillman Story" playing at the Vine Cinema for one week only starting Friday, Oct. 29. Look it up. Read about it. It's a shocking story about how Americans are sometimes treated by their government. It's a sickening story about how an all-American soldier was treated by his own army. And it's a poignant story about the suffering of one American family caused by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the strength of that family to fight against the immorality of their oppressors.

Only 50 prints of this movie were made for the entire country. The Vine Cinema has one. For one week only. Please see it.

Fred Norman

Proven, and new

Dear Editor,

I'm voting for Cindy McGovern for mayor of Pleasanton because of her 16 years of service to the entire community. She has proven over the years that she works hard for us. Cindy can make difficult choices and expect fiscal conservatism regarding our city's unsustainable benefits/retirement packages. She has not taken campaign contributions from unions, special interest groups and developers who expect favoritism and "baby steps" instead of realistic scrutiny of our city's financial realities. She has fought for the protection of the citizen's right to challenge a development that is not in keeping with the General Plan guidelines, among her many contributions to our town over the past six years on the City Council. The majority of Pleasanton voters has spoken loud and clear about ridgeline protection but the three council incumbents weren't listening to us. Cindy listened and has proven that she will restore representative government and fiscal conservatism as mayor.

Cindy needs the help of a City Council who haven't sold out to the "Money Lenders," those big dollar contributors who expect something in return from their large campaign contributions. Vote for Karla Brown, who is endorsed by McGovern among many others, to help bring integrity in government back to our community's political process. We need new leadership and better representation of our wishes, not more "political double talk" and political partiality that enables developers to sue private citizens and keep us on a course toward fiscal disaster that awaits us if swift action is not taken now to resolve these issues.

Kelly Cousins

Outstanding candidate

Dear Editor,

I'm writing in support of an outstanding school board candidate, Joan Laursen. I have known Joan personally for many years and have always respected her dedication to both the educational system and the education of her own children. Joan is not interested in just making sure kids can meet the barest minimum standards. She is interested in a higher standard of learning. Not just reading, but reading sophisticated texts. Not just math basics, but math essentials a child needs for college. I have seen this in how she raises and educates her own children and how dedicated she was as a PTA president. Also, she has been extremely hands-on with higher learning activities, leading Destination Imagination teams and supporting school band programs.

Joan has a wealth of educational information and experience, and a whole lot of common sense. Just the kind of person I want in charge of my kids' education. Join me in voting for Joan Laursen for Pleasanton School Board in the November election.

Rhonda Chase

McNerney works for education

Dear Editor,

In our desperate economic times, the prices of education have risen while the resources for it have significantly declined. Congressman McNerney has made it apparent that he wishes to instill educational reform that will make class sizes smaller, decrease tuitions and fees, and provide schools with the technology needed to enhance their learning environments. He is currently lobbying for Pell Grants that will help children gain access to loans for a college education. Furthermore, he has saved a significant amount of money for after school tutoring programs and help centers to aid children in the public school systems in achieving their goals and becoming eligible for higher education such as college. McNerney's plans for educational reform are a step in the right direction, and it is important that we as a community recognize his efforts and keep him in office to fulfill these goals that will only better our education system that is currently facing deep turmoil.

Anika Nayyar

Not in character

Dear Editor,

Pleasanton's goal is to be a Community of Character. There are six characteristics that define that goal. They are on banners at every school, around the city office buildings and hung from the Pleasanton sign on Main Street. The schools even select students for awards who conduct themselves in the definition of each characteristic.

I was one of the many seniors who was present at the City Council meeting on Sept. 7 where the council approved the long awaited Staples Ranch project. I congratulate and thank them for that.

During the open forum portion of the meeting I witnessed three individuals speak who have no concept of what these Pleasanton characteristics mean. I won't embarrass them further by naming them. They embarrassed themselves enough at that meeting. Four of the characteristics -- Compassion, Self-discipline, Respect and Integrity -- were brutally violated in their tirades against the City Council and its members. One of these speakers is running for Pleasanton City Council in this election. I hope every voter checks the council minutes and votes accordingly.

We are continually trying to educate our children with the city's stated goals and this incident was a poor example for them all.

Alvin Baer

Laursen for trustee

Dear Editor,

I have known Joan Laursen for seven years, since our daughters were in kindergarten. We've volunteered in classrooms and participated in many school functions together. Joan and I have also worked closely coaching Destination Imagination teams for the past several years. During this time, we've talked ... a lot. Joan is the most passionate advocate of public education for all children of anyone I've ever met. Several years ago, Joan took it upon herself to learn how public schools are funded. As a result of her efforts and her financial background, Joan knows more about the environment surrounding our public schools than anyone I know. She is also calm, rational, and logical. Joan listens equally to all sides and seems always to know how to tactfully return the conversation to its main purpose. The Pleasanton Unified School District is a vital and visible part of our community. Joan's strong community background, school funding knowledge, and leadership skills are just what our city needs in a school board member as we navigate the next several years together. Please join me in voting for Joan Laursen for school board.

Gale Naylor

'A no-nonsense leader'

Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my support for Joan Laursen for School Board. Joan has spent the last 15 years committing thousands of hours to support Pleasanton schools. Most recently, Joan served as the Co-Chair of the PPIE's CORE Fundraising campaign which enabled our schools to retain valuable educational services.

Having served on numerous district committees as well as serving as the president of Pleasanton PTA Council, Joan has gained in-depth knowledge of school finance and education issues. With this immense knowledge and experience, Joan will be able to step into the role of School Board Member and immediately make a positive impact on our children's education.

Joan has proven to be a no-nonsense leader clearly focused on improving the quality of education in Pleasanton. Please join me in voting for Joan Laursen for School Board in November.

Teri Banholzer

Don't vote for incumbents

Dear Editor,

Mayor Hosterman, Jerry Thorne and Cheryl Cook-Kallio do not deserve the public's trust, nor do they deserve your vote. They attempted to confuse and mislead the voters with their competing Measure QQ with the poison pill clause in an attempt to foil the citizen-launched Measure PP. They failed to enact ridge-land protection as a council, and approved the Oak Grove development without the Planning Commission's approval.

They purposefully and willfully attempted to thwart the will of the public by submitting the gutless Measure QQ, which was little more than a plan to create a plan. Even after Measure PP passed, these incumbents decided, rather than rescind their approval, to have Pleasanton voters decide on Oak Grove. As if we were not clear when we voted for Measure PP.

They misled the public with regard to the Oak Grove development, and tried to infer that the homes would not be built on the ridges: Google maps and the city's own grading map prove the mansions were to be built on ridges. These incumbents worked hard against the will of the people, and provided the developer with every possible advantage.

Claiming they did not get their message across, after the developer spent more than $565,000, is hard to swallow. I believe they betrayed their duty to the public.

We should not condone their actions by voting for any of these incumbents. Restore representative government back to our City Council. Please vote for Cindy McGovern for Mayor, and Karla Brown for City Council.

John Carroll

McGovern for mayor

Dear Editor,

We're supporting Cindy McGovern for Mayor because of what we view as a major leadership deficiency of Mayor Jennifer Hosterman. The Pleasanton Weekly comments that they agree that Mayor Hosterman "sometimes ignores constituents who address the council" and they hope she "spends more time listening and evaluating good suggestions from the lectern...." The characteristic the Weekly refers to goes beyond council meetings, as the mayor appears to be only interested in advancing her own agenda. Therefore, she does not need to listen to the advice of residents.

We're in agreement with the Weekly when they say, "Cindy McGovern has been our long-time favorite on the City Council, and before that for the years she served on the Pleasanton school board. She'd make a good mayor..." We were disappointed that they then supported our current mayor. We urge you to vote McGovern for mayor.

We're concerned that the mayor's financial support from unions and political action committees may influence her decisions more than the advice of residents. We are glad that McGovern is running a grassroots campaign that does not accept campaign financing from any special interest. McGovern is focused on the betterment of Pleasanton and devotes her energies where they'll do the most good -- she works for Pleasanton residents.

Please vote for Cindy McGovern.

Dennis de Freitas

Vote McGovern, Brown

Dear Editor,

Elect Cindy McGovern as mayor and Karla Brown as City Council member to bring trustworthiness back to local government. McGovern and Brown, endorsed by The Independent, Valley Times and Tri-Valley Herald, will fight for the reforms needed to stop government employee pension-spiking that already costs taxpayers way too much.

Public employee pensions have mushroomed out of control. Hosterman, Cook-Kallio and Thorne voted in favor of a last-minute retroactive raise for the recently retired city attorney. This resulted in a jaw-dropping, gold-plated pension per year for which we foot the bill. Fiscally responsible McGovern voted against this pension-spiking raise.

When the incumbents caved to special interests and reneged on the city-signed Staples Ranch Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), the city incurred needless litigation costs.

When the incumbents failed to rezone land to meet state housing requirements, not only did their inaction result in the loss of the housing cap, but the city incurred over a million dollars in litigation costs. Someone must step in and stop this financial train wreck.

McGovern and Brown will deliver. They'll represent the citizens, not special interests and will bring credibility back to local government.

Please join me and vote for McGovern and Brown on Nov. 2.

Anne Fox

Thanks to Jerry Thorne

Dear Editor,

Play Ball! It's easy for all ages to do so in Pleasanton thanks to Vice Mayor/City Councilman Jerry Thorne, who is seeking re-election on Nov. 2. Thanks to Jerry's attention to sports, the playfields at Donlon School have been improved, at Pleasanton Middle School the tennis courts now have lights and resurfacing, and renovation has spiffed up the athletic fields at Amador Valley Community Park. But Jerry is not just a "good sport," he has earned excellent grades for his classroom help. He has chaired the school district/City Council liaison committee and backed the city with its $1.2 million line of credit to help the school district's cash flow and meet debt service payments. A man for all reasons, a man for all seasons. Vote Jerry Thorne.

Jennifer Pearce

Laursen's expertise needed

Dear Editor,

I wholeheartedly support Joan Laursen for the Pleasanton school board in the November election. Joan has worked tirelessly for the past 15 years on numerous school and community organizations in Pleasanton and will bring a good background in financial analysis to the board. She worked in the banking industry for a number of years resulting in a solid understanding of governance, oversight and fiscal accountability. Her expertise is just what we need in these challenging economic times. Pleasanton is fortunate to have someone of Joan's experience and qualifications willing to serve the Pleasanton community as a school board trustee. I encourage you to vote for Joan Laursen for Pleasanton school board on Nov. 2.

Dorothy Bishop, immediate past president, Livermore-Pleasanton-Dublin branch of the American Association of University Women

Cook-Kallio for council

Dear Editor,

Sometimes things are going so well we forget to notice what's been done by those responsible for the success. One of the people responsible for the stability of Pleasanton is Cheryl Cook-Kallio. In addition to being a committed teacher, she is passionate about our government, especially in her home city of Pleasanton. During her tenure as a city councilwoman, she has:

* Helped push through the Stoneridge drive completion

* Been an advocate of the senior housing projects including Kottinger Ranch

* Tried to bridge opposing sides by being the voice of reason

* Been responsive to those who have contacted her regarding issues

* Helped maintain and build our $22 million reserve through cutting expenses with no layoffs

Throughout the downturn in the economy, Pleasanton has survived and remained fiscally sound -- a feat in and of itself considering other cities in the Bay Area. Cheryl and the current council have contributed and spearheaded the efforts to keep us that way. I urge you to vote for Cheryl Cook-Kallio for Pleasanton City Council.

Jennifer Olson

Time to restore trust

Dear Editor,

Cindy McGovern and Karla Brown are the right choices for mayor and City Council. It's long overdue to restore trust in local government.

Incumbents Jennifer Hosterman, Cheryl Cook-Kallio and Jerry Thorne have been inundated with developer/corporation/union/PAC campaign funding. Public sector union employees have endorsed them. With the city now faced with $120 million of unfunded liabilities for pensions and fiscally unsustainable union contracts, we need Cindy McGovern and Karla Brown, who have the courage to restore fiscal responsibility.

In addition, Hosterman, Cook-Kallio and Thorne, with their special interest money, have been pawns of the developers, with a herd of expensive consultants to invent and package their every move. They failed to protect Pleasanton's ridgelines. Time and time again, they've ignored their constituents in favor of special interests.

Cindy McGovern and Karla Brown do the detailed research and ground work to come to their own conclusions, and have the backing of the Valley Times, Tri-Valley Herald, the Independent and an ever-growing grassroots base.

To restore representative government that we can trust, it is time for leadership with individuals with high energy, strong principles, a "can do" attitude, who have reputations for telling the truth.

Elect Cindy McGovern Mayor and Karla Brown to City Council on Nov. 2.

Kay Ayala, City Councilmember 1996-2004

Vote for change at City Hall

Dear Editor,

We have a candidate for mayor and one for City Council that demonstrates their understanding and commitment to the residents of Pleasanton. Cindy McGovern for Mayor and Karla Brown for City Council.

In a time when the actions of Pleasanton's mayor has given us great reason to lose trust in government, Cindy McGovern stands out as the people's candidate. While our current mayor has given special access and supports the developers who have lined her campaign with large donations, Cindy consistently stands up for the residents. Cindy has always made herself accessible to the public and has done great things in this community as a City Council member and as our School Board Trustee and School Board President, earning her awards as Pleasanton Weekly "Woman of the Year" and the Mayor's Award for Community Service.

When our elected officials have not been responsive to the residents, Karla Brown has been there as a community advocate. A longtime resident and Pleasanton business person, Karla worked tirelessly in bringing ridgeline protections to the voters as well as standing up to PG&E when they attempted to put untested, high-voltage transmission lines through the middle of Pleasanton neighborhoods. Local papers state that Karla stands out as the only one who fully supports the will of the voters on hillside development.

It's time to restore City Hall as a place where the elected officials work for us, not against us.

Join me in voting Cindy McGovern for Mayor and Karla Brown for City Council.

Steve Brozosky

Re-elect Cook-Kallio

Dear Editor,

I have felt very privileged to live in the city of Pleasanton so I was not surprised when the city was recently voted one of the top 100 cities in the United States. As a 39-year resident I have enjoyed the excellent schools and terrific amenities that are provided for residents; this didn't occur by accident it took hard work planning and leadership

It is important that we re-elect Cheryl Cook-Kallio to Pleasanton City Council. She possesses common sense and has the ability to bring people from throughout the community together.

She has shown leadership in fiscal management, making sure the city has a balanced budget, while maintaining a healthy reserve. She works tirelessly, does the research necessary, and has the vision to understand all sides of an issue.

Four years ago she was the one who had the political will to do what was right in promoting the completion of Stoneridge Drive, paving the way for annexation of the Staples Ranch area. We need leaders like Cheryl Cook-Kallio who knows how government works, has the ability to get things done, and cares about Pleasanton. She is supported by a wide range of individuals from our community; please join me in supporting Cheryl Cook-Kallio for City Council in Pleasanton on Nov. 2.

Erlene DeMarcus, Former BART Director

Officials need to listen

Dear Editor,

Throw the (Pleasanton) Bums Out.

Mayor Hosterman has stated she doesn't believe the citizens should have the right to circulate initiatives or referend specific council actions; it was certainly OK for herself when she opposed the original Oak Grove (Kottinger Hills) housing development. Councilwoman Cook-Kallio has also stated that the citizens should not question their government officials once they have been elected; and she teaches high school government classes. Both have said we should just vote them out of office if we don't like the way they vote.

Not only have Hosterman and Cook-Kallio ignored the citizens of Pleasanton after they voted for hillside protections several times, they actually fought the voters by placing competing measures on the ballot and then actively campaigned against their constituents. They are still at it and have enabled several lawsuits against the city by their actions. This is no way for leaders of a "Community of Character" to act.

Let's take their advice and vote both of them out of office. We need elected officials that actually listen to their citizens rather than rationalize their way around them. Vote Cindy McGovern for Mayor and Karla Brown for City Council.

Nicole Johnson

Cook Kallio for Council

Dear Editor,

I endorse Cheryl Cook Kallio for Council because Cheryl:

* Carefully studies information and has a thorough understanding of issues;

* Listens to citizens and challenges information if gaps or questions so she can make the most thoughtful decisions;

* Is not afraid to push back to all sides (developers, staff, citizens) to get to the best information to make these decisions.

I believe Cheryl always strives to make the best/balanced decisions to keep Pleasanton such a special community to live in. For example, even when Cheryl has taken a position that we differ on, she has a strong rationale for that decision and it is clear she has studied it carefully and weighed all sides. In summary, I strongly recommend re-electing Cheryl as she demonstrates what I believe leadership is all about: Being well informed, objective, willing to take on important issues, always striving to make the best decisions to support Pleasanton, and continually learning and growing.

Nancy Allen

Thorne for council

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter in support of Jerry Thorne for Pleasanton City Council. I have known Jerry for 15 years and have admired his work ethic and his ability to build a consensus.

I met Jerry in the 1990s when we were new to Pleasanton and he led the grassroots effort to build a 50-meter pool and renovate the aquatic center. Jerry skillfully put together a coalition of people with varying backgrounds and skills to be the voice of Pleasanton to get the pool built. This included a stand against the developer of Ruby Hill over the issue of park fees. Jerry saw a need and acted on it.

I also admire Jerry for his willingness to check all sides of an issue. When Jerry was running for City Council a few years ago and the West Las Positas interchange was an issue, he investigated all sides and concluded that there was a huge safety issue and the interchange was no longer prudent. It took a significant amount of courage to change his mind, but I have no doubt that his position was driven by what he viewed as in the city's best interest.

I know there are positions that Jerry and I may not see eye to eye on; however, I am confident of this: Jerry makes decisions on what he truly believes is best for Pleasanton, not for any personal agenda or motive. I would urge everyone to vote for Jerry Thorne for Pleasanton City Council.

Laura Darrow

Thorne is experienced

Dear Editor,

Retain Jerry Thorne on Pleasanton's City Council. There's been a lot of talk this campaign about "special interests" having an influence in Pleasanton politics. I'm a long-term Pleasanton resident and have known Jerry Thorne for seven years. I've watched him on the City Council. The only special interest he answers to is the city of Pleasanton. I believe he has consistently had the best interests of the city as a whole in mind as he has worked through the issues. He raised the issue of city finances and the challenge of funding growing pension obligations back before the recession began, when things were booming. Pretty accurate foresight, I would argue.

Given the current challenges facing Pleasanton I think it's important we retain a strong level of experience on our City Council. The current slate of candidates can be placed in two groups: those with the needed experience and those without. Let's retain those with the experience; let' s retain Jerry Thorne.

Arne Olson

Demonstrated leadership

Dear Editor,

Please join me in electing Joan Laursen and Jeff Bowser, two highly qualified, deeply experienced Pleasanton leaders. Laursen and Bowser combined have over 30 years of demonstrated leadership and close involvement in our schools.

Laursen is the past president of the Pleasanton PTA Council, has served numerous years on school site councils, is a co-founder of our Community Outreach for Education (CORE) program and a member of our district's Budget Advisory Committee. A financial analyst by training, Laursen spent 12 years in the financial services industry and brings a solid understanding of governance, oversight and fiscal accountability to the board.

Bowser is a past School PTA President, member of our district Budget Advisory Committee, Legislative Chairman of the PTA Council, and a longtime coach and leader in numerous youth based programs. Bowser brings a master's degree in Educational Leadership and 13 years experience as a teacher and school administrator. á Bowser's decade-long experience in business and management in the private sector provides a solid foundation for policy development, governance and fiscal management.

Both Laursen and Bowser are committed to continued academic and social excellence and will join me in supporting programs that meet the needs of all our students, open and active communication with the community, and ensuring fiscal responsibility.

I encourage you to join me in voting for Joan Laursen and Jeff Bowser for Pleasanton School Board.

Chris Grant, President, PUSD Board of Trustees

Vote David Harmer

Dear Editor,

Your recent endorsement of Congressman Jerry McNerney was a disappointment, but hardly a surprise. By focusing on predictable pre-election posturing and the largesse Mr. McNerney has facilitated via his "Stimulus" vote, you apparently disregarded the fact that he and the current Congress have placed our country in a tenuous financial position. Sadly, your endorsement confirms that public political support may indeed be purchased by spending other people's money in the right places.

I'm hopeful that the majority of people in the 11th District believe it is more important to do the right thing for our country instead and will vote David Harmer into office on Nov. 2.

Tamy L. Shaw

Trust Jerry Thorne

Dear Editor,

As the time nears to mark our ballots, I am mindful of the vast range of endorsements for one Pleasanton City Council candidate, Jerry Thorne. I believe it is a matter of trusting Jerry. From business to labor, from much of our citizenry to our four local newspapers (Jerry is the only candidate to receive endorsements from the quartet), it's a recognizable fact that Jerry Thorne can be trusted to do the right thing for our community. His record as vice mayor/city councilman shows he has done the right thing for all of us, from school kids to the veteran and military families to senior citizens. I want my vote to help re-elect Jerry Thorne, a trusted voice in our community.

Kathy Narum

Keep incumbents

Dear Editor,

Challenging times require deliberate leaders who study all the facts and make informed decisions for the benefit of all our citizens, not just one neighborhood or clique. We voters in Pleasanton face a clear choice in next month's election. Three candidates stand out well above their challengers in terms of the ability to carefully consider all issues and act decisively. Re-elect Mayor Jennifer Hosterman, and Councilmembers Cheryl Cook-Kallio and Jerry Thorne.

Ward Belding

Piderit uniquely qualified

Dear Editor,

Pleasanton Unified School District is lucky in many ways: dedicated teachers, hard-working students, passionate parents, experienced management, and open-minded union leadership. With so much to celebrate and protect, PUSD board members must navigate carefully when guiding our district through current financial challenges. They each must examine the value of existing programs, weigh the risks and rewards of new ideas, and dare to innovate while seeking lasting solutions for all Pleasanton students.

Among the three excellent candidates, Sandy Piderit is uniquely qualified to offer fresh perspective as a board member. Sandy and her family moved to California in 2007, bringing with her a decade of teaching experience, a passion for education, and an outsider's clear view of the challenges facing our district. I've been impressed with her thoughtfulness and engagement during district budget negotiations and during the superintendent search. I share with her a belief that Pleasanton Unified can be a model for creative solutions to California's education challenges, combining our proud legacy of excellence with open-minded, clear-eyed innovation. Join me in voting for Sandy Piderit for School Board on Nov. 2.

Jeff Dormer, Business Owner and Parent

Reaffirm good work

Dear Editor,

Our country and our state are faced with very challenging times. Here in Pleasanton we are very fortunate to be weathering the economic storm better than most. The only way for things to remain the way they are is by electing good leaders who listen, then act in the best interests of everyone in town.

On Nov. 2, we have the opportunity to reaffirm the good work of Mayor Jennifer Hosterman, Council Members Jerry Thorne and Cheryl Cook-Kallio to keep Pleasanton moving forward, on fiscally solid ground, while continuing to provide our community with the services we all value.

On Tuesday, Nov. 2, vote for Mayor Jennifer Hosterman, and Council Members Cheryl Cook-Kallio and Jerry Thorne.

Vic Malatesta

Chamber and politics

Dear Editor,

I am at once befuddled and bemused at Matt Sullivan's constant hand-wringing over the chamber's involvement in local politics (Letters. Oct. 8). The business community's collective voice when it comes to electing a mayor and City Council members has been successful, as Sullivan correctly points out. He would rather business sit on the sidelines while a small percentage of residents decide its fate, electing those who will vote on critical issues impacting the local economy. As a sitting council member, Sullivan should know that business contributes over 60% of what drives the health and well-being of our community, mostly in the form of sales and property taxes. To infer the business community should not have an opinion and not support candidates is na´ve. He should suggest that to the PTA and teachers union when it comes to electing our school board members.

David Bouchard

Karla for council

Dear Editor,

Please join me in voting for Karla Brown for Pleasanton City Council. Karla favors planning decisions that originate from a consensus of Pleasanton's citizens -- not outside interests. As Karla's treasurer I can validate that 100% of contributions to Karla's campaign are from Pleasanton. Residents support Karla's principled stances respecting the value of Pleasanton's surrounding undisturbed open spaces and scenic resources. Karla is also an independent businesswoman smart enough to shape the Pleasanton of tomorrow in balance with Pleasanton's small-town pace of life. Please vote Karla Brown for City Council.

Matt Morrison

Vote No on Prop. 23

I read your piece in the Editorial section, "A Primer on the Propositions: Nine Choices Before California Voters." I noticed in particular your suggestion that voters support Proposition 23 and I disagree.

Proposition 23 relaxes pollution standards in California by suspending Assembly Bill 32 until the unemployment rate drops to 5.5% or less for four consecutive quarters. The Weekly states, "Sounds reasonable at a time when unemployment and the need for job growth head everyone's priority list." When considering an issue as important as AB32, we cannot simply make a decision based on the proposition sounding "reasonable." We must think priorities first. Jobs are important; however, the future of climate change is on thin ice. Changing the course of our attempts at preserving the environment and helping the Earth is not the answer. Green jobs, Yes! Relaxing pollution standards, No!

AB32 (the "global warming solutions act") was enacted in 2006 to take a stand on the air we breathe, our environment, our health and our ability to create green jobs. California has become a leader in reducing the nationwide carbon footprint and move away from our dependency on fossil fuels.

Proposition 32 is backed by oil companies and others motivated by profits and are not interested in preservation. The American Lung Association is encouraging California voters to vote No on Proposition 23. Our health is at stake.

Protect your health, our air and our environment. Vote No on Prop. 23.

Sophia Holbrook, seventh-grader, Harvest Park Middle School


Posted by Sandy Piderit, a resident of Mohr Park
on Oct 29, 2010 at 9:46 am

Bravo to the seventh-grader, Sophia Holbrook, for taking the time to research an issue she cares about and write a letter to the editor. It's great to see our young people getting involved in the democratic process!

Posted by voter, a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Oct 29, 2010 at 6:38 pm

agreed - bravo Sophia!

And good luck on Tues. Sandy, you have my vote.

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